Hindi to English and Vice Versa Translator

Closing Date03-06-2021
Work TypePart-Time
Job LocationRemote job (Work from home)
Number of Vacancies20
Functional AreaTranslation
Salary RangePer word basis 
Years of experienceminimum 2 years of relevant experience 
Contract Duration8 months
Critical Criteria Applicant must be able to write in Hindi script

Job Description

The translator will be provided a link to the portal and an access code to that specific task (Token ID). He or She is responsible to translate the sources into the requested language. For example, if the requested language is Hindi, the translator must interpret the sentence and type back in Hindi font within the given time frame.

Google translation cannot be used for this purpose. We require actual human translation.

Here is an example of how they differ.

Original Text: Avoid the crowded area.

Google Translated version: भीड़-भाड़ वाले इलाके से बचें। (Bheed-bhaad vaale ilaake se bachen)

Human Translated version: भीड़भाड़ वाली जगह पर ना जाये (Bheedabhaad vaalee jagah par na jaaye)

In the above example, the google translated version will not be considered but the common language used or human translated version will be accepted. This was a basic example; a full guideline will be provided upon applicant selection.

The translator must complete the given task within the specified time frame.

The translator is obliged to maintain the highest possible accuracy and integrity.

Daily 2500 words will be assigned, in case of better performance and he or she is willing he will be assigned additional tasks.

The translator is not allowed to subcontract or assign the job to any third party

The translator is allowed to use google translator or any other dictionary for translating a single word, not the whole statement.

The translator is responsible to stay online and respond to the query of the evaluator.

Skills Required

  • Knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office

  • Relevant experience

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skill

  • Ability to work in challenging work situation

Job Requirement

  • Hindi must be the applicant native language 

  • Applicant must be able to write in Hindi script

  • Applicant must have atleast bachelor degree

  • Applicant must be able to translate at least 2,500 words per day. 


In the application form you will be asked to translate one or two paragraph. If the source text is in English language translate it in to Hindi, If the source text is in Hindi language translate it in to English failure to do so will disqualify your application.