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Partner Down Payment

V 1.2

Use the payment model to receive a down payment on a specific GL Account without the need of sales order.

Fiscal 4-4-5 Calendar

V 2.0

A Reporting tools seamlessly aligning with the 4-4-5 fiscal calendar

Age Report by Parent Company

V 1.0

Simpalified invoicing process by grouping subcompanies invoice by parent company.

Check Layout 
Laser 400

V 1.4

Adds Laser 400 layout to check printings.


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Dialpad Integration

V 1.0

Use dialpad widget to make and receive call and log call history in odoo chatter.

Sales Commission

V 2.0

Manage indivudal sales commission in a productive way.  

Advance CRM

V 1.0

Demographic fields on leads, sales order line history, and advance quotation template.


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Labor/Overhead Cost

V 2.3

Apply predefined or timesheet related cost on the final product. Reserve component cost at the start of production order.  

MRP Lean Inventory Consumption

V 1.0

Fill production location only with quantity needed. This helps to manage optimium level of inventory. 

MPS Procurement Forecast Report

V 2.0

Predict the upcoming procuremetn needs and generate report by vendor.


Access to potential of your timesheet data with our personalised normalization app. Eliminate the chaos of inconsistent formats and manual calculations, and experience a new level of accuracy and efficiency. Maximize productivity, minimize errors, and unlock valuable insights for smarter decision-making. Embrace precision and take control of your time."

Normalize Salary Employee Timesheet for Legal Compliance

V 1.0

Salary employee should not be billed more than the expected working hours as legal requirement. this module normalizes employee timesheet and ensures it do not exceeded the working schedule hours.  

9/80 Working Schedule

V 2.0

Normalize hourly employee timesheet according to 9/80 working schedule and generate overtime report.

Timeoff Accrual based on Approved Timesheet

V 2.0

Allocate timeoff benefits only for approved timesheet hours.